“My search for a lead partner to provide targeted prospects for my sales team stopped with Integrity Media. The quality of their data proved to be better than other companies I tested. When I do receive a poor set of data, Integrity Media will replace the lists and is always recommending ways to improve the segmentation to increase response. When it comes to data quality, service, and responsiveness to our marketing team Integrity Media is a leader.”

VP of Sales – North Central US at Waterman Industries
John Dittberner

“I was referred to Integrity Media by a friend of mine. In my search for a database partner I was looking for a provider that would help me append information to my company list. Throughout my communication not only did I get what I was looking for, but I received recommendations and help on areas I didn’t know existed. The other companies I contacted didn’t offer advice or ideas to help me achieve the results I was looking for. Integrity Media helped me enhance my database and understand the profile of my customers. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer this company to anyone looking for marketing help.”

Chief Financil Officer: Trausch Industries
Glenn Price

“I partnered with Integrity Media to develop an e-mail marketing strategy that would work. I was surprised at the honest advice I received. Originally, I had my mind made up about what I wanted to do, but once I spoke with Integrity Media they directed me to a different option which saved me money and increased my website traffic. If you are looking for real advice and a service you can count on I would recommend Integrity Media.”

Marketing Manager: Agoda
Thivanka Tennes

“You will not find a better partner than Integrity Media. They listened to my needs, asked the right questions, and provided recommendations based on what they thought would drive results. Other companies I called provided a price and didn’t offer any real advice. After I purchased my data, I was blown away by the service that was provided. In the list industry you don’t come across a company like Integrity Media IM. Call them if you want a partner not a vendor.”

US Marketing Manager: Sunrise Foods
Brandon Gutzmann