Data Append

Enhance your current list

Integrity Media’s appending services are available for consumer and business lists. Our services help your business overcome your marketing challenges by providing you with opportunities to reach your customer in different ways.


  • Telephone
  • E-mail
  • Cell Phone
  • Demographic
  • Buying Behaviors

Database Hygiene

Whether you have a current customer list or you previously purchased lists, it’s important to update your database. By updating your database you are not wasting postage, calling bad phone numbers or sending e-mails that do not exist. Don’t let bad data continue to cost you money.

  • NCOA: National Change of Address
  • PCOA: Propriety Change of Address
  • Deceased Suppression
  • DSF2: Delivery Sequence File

E-mail Verification

  • Eliminate hard bounces
  • Suppress against screamers
  • Increase deliverability

MULTI-PASS PROCESS: By utilizing a multi-pass process we deliver industry high append rates. Appending allows you to market to your prospects in new ways.